What Different Types of Background Investigations Are There?

As a private investigation service, we have been hired to conduct countless background investigations for cheating spouses, dodgy employees, suspected parents and many more. With immense experience under our belt, we have seen that there are certain types of background investigations that we conduct almost on a weekly basis. To give you a glimpse into the types of background checks there are, we at Holliday Investigations are going to list a few and explain how we conduct said investigations.

Criminal Background Investigations

These background checks are the most common and are mostly conducted for companies which want to have some necessary knowledge about their potential employee’s history. Criminal checks also help determine whether the potential candidate is even eligible for the job or not. However, alongside businesses, these checks can also be conducted for normal individuals. Usual sources that are used to conduct this investigation include warrants, court records, incarceration records and sexual offense records.

Employee Background Check

More detailed than the usual criminal background check, the employee screening process includes the use of criminal history, character reference, education verification and the verification of the candidate’s social security number. Also, for an employee background check, there are sometimes specifications which we have to work for, such as driver’s license and motor vehicle history, sexual offenses and even credit checks.

Tenant Screening

With the state of the world as it is, screening potential tenants who want to stay on your property has become a permanent part of any background check for landlords. With this kind of background investigation, we have to put together the potential tenant’s criminal records if they have any, their credit card reports, personal references and statements from any previous landlords who have given the potential tenants their property for rent.

Gun Sales Background Checks

Due to the Brady Violence Prevention Act, anyone who wants to buy a gun has to undergo a background check so that they can register for a Federal Firearms License. However, these background checks are conducted by using the national Instant Criminal Background Check System, which has been put into place by the FBI for civil safety.

Childcare Background Checks

This is a very sensitive field of work. Childcare workers have to go through some very strict and extensive background checks which screen the candidates through different systems such as the state criminal system, child abuse and neglect list, and the federal sex offenders list as well. This check is usually conducted by clients on potential parents or foster parents.

This variety of background checks is common; however, each company also runs different combination of checks so that they can meet the company’s needs. If you want to know which background check is most suited for your needs, then you can contact Holliday Investigations to know more.

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