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Traffic Accident Investigation

Area of coverage: only Northern California

Traffic accidents are extremely confusing events. How they occur, who or what caused them, and why they occurred are facts that must be determined. Our technicians know the fundamentals of traffic accident investigation and know how to prepare written reports of findings. Prompt arrival at the scene of an accident is essential. Very important evidence at the scene will be evident soon after the accident. Evidence degrades or disappears over time, so the investigation should be conducted as soon as possible. Any fragile evidence that can be damaged, altered, destroyed or removed from the scene by any willful or negligent act must be identified and secured. Prior to removal, its position should be noted, sketched, photographed and/or marked in chalk. Examples of such evidence are puddles of gasoline, oil, blood or pieces of broken glass.

Our technicians will take measurements of the scene, obtain locus photos of the location and any evidence remaining at the scene. Technicians will also locate and question any witnesses to the accident. Questioning and taking statements of witnesses and victims should be done as soon after the accident as possible. A through search of the area will also be conducted for any cameras that may have documented the accident.

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