Insurance Fraud Investigations


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Holliday Investigative Service, Inc. works with attorneys on both criminal and civil investigation cases thoroughly gathering admissible facts you need to prove your cases. We do thorough background investigations, revealing pertinent information on a subject’s personal, professional, financial and criminal past and present. We identify, locate and interview most witnesses quickly. We also conduct interviews of witnesses and record statements completely, whether written, audio, or audio-visual.


Insurance fraud investigations

Insurance fraud is rarely reported. Here are some amazing statistics regarding insurance fraud investigations:

* Ten percent of Americans would commit insurance fraud if they knew they could get away with it.

* One out of four Americans says it’s ok to pad a claim to make up for premiums they’ve already paid.

* Nearly one in four Americans say it’s okay to defraud insurers.

Insurance fraud is more costly than people think. This costs the insurance industry around $96 billion in 1999 and hasn’t decreased over the past years but has actually been on the rise.

Insurance fraud is the deception of an incident to the insurance agency. Holliday Investigative Services, Inc. performs surveillance on claim subjects to see if they are engaged in any activities that may prove their claim to be false. We provide thorough insurance fraud investigations and locate and interview witnesses and gather and record all statements and reports.

Don’t allow your clients to become the next victims of insurance fraud.  Holliday’s private investigators will get the facts, fast!

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Offering Comprehensive Insurance Fraud Investigations

Insurance fraud cost businesses billions of dollars annually. Holliday Investigative Services provides in-depth insurance fraud investigation solutions to support insurance firms and employers address this crime. The investigation company’s team of certified insurance fraud investigators goes the extra mile to handle insurance fraud investigations. From gathering facts to interviewing suspects, they have the experience and expertise to deliver you positive results in a timely manner.

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