What is On-site Fingerprinting?

Our professional fingerprinting technicians come to your location.

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Mobile Fingerprinting Services in Georgia

Instead of heading to the local Sheriff’s Office or trying to find individual on-site fingerprinting services from a directory and calling multiple phone numbers where you just end up leaving a message on an answering machine, let the people at Holliday Investigative Services, Inc. help you with all of your fingerprinting needs. We offer on-site Fingerprinting services in Georgia. Once there, we will provide all of the necessary equipment and materials, including the applicants fingerprinting cards. Rest assured that the mobile fingerprinting services will be done correctly and professionally with Holliday Investigative Services!

On-site fingerprinting is an ideal solution for companies of various sizes that are required to fingerprint their employees. By traveling to your location, the time required for fingerprinting is reduced from hours per person to mere minutes! Our conscientious, trained staff makes the fingerprinting process quick and highly accurate!

Mobile Fingerprinting Services – How It Works

To begin the process, you would need to schedule an appointment to determine the requirements of your mobile fingerprinting services. It is important that an appointment be made as the date and time will depend on the number of employees to be fingerprinted and the availability of our technicians. Next, each individual applicant will need to bring with them the proper form of picture I.D. for fingerprinting. This can include, but is not limited to, a current State issued ID or drivers license, Out of State drivers license, passport or Military ID. Once the fingerprints have been processed we will supply you with the completed applicant cards for processing.

Fingerprinting Services Fees

  • $55 per technician service fee to travel to the location of your choice.
  • $16.50 for each fingerprinting card.
  • Additional fees may apply for after hours or holidays’ requests; rush (same or next day) service requests calls; significant travel or in certain areas.
  • A minimum fee for mobile fingerprinting services does apply.

All fees listed above are to be paid at the time of service unless a billed account is established. All mobile fingerprinting services and contracts must be negotiated through our main office, not with the fingerprint technicians.

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