What is an Apostille?

An Apostille (ah-po-steel) is a French word meaning certification.

Individuals who travel abroad to live, work, or attend school, may be asked at some point to have documents Apostilled or Authenticated. An Apostille is a certification provided under The Hague Convention of 1961 for authenticating documents for use in foreign countries. An Apostille certification is sometimes referred to as Apostille stamp.

Simply put, an Apostille is a certificate issued by the Secretary of State that is attached to a document so that foreign countries will accept it as a valid and authentic document. A list of countries that require Apostilles can be provided by the US Department of State and available upon request from Holliday Investigative Services.

Obtaining an Apostille can be complicated, confusing, and most of all time consuming for many individuals which is why Holliday Investigative Services offers this service to our clients. Rather than travel around or waiting on hold for extended periods of time trying to figure out how to get this done, bring your documents to Holliday Investigative Services and we’ll do all the legwork! We can expedite this lengthy process and get you a complete Apostilled FBI Background Check in as little as seven business days! Non-expedited options are available as well if you are not in a rush.

Department Of State

Why do I need an Apostille?

If you plan on traveling to a foreign country to live, work, or attend school, you may be asked to obtain an FBI Criminal History Summary Report, also known as an FBI Background Check or Departmental Order. Holliday Investigative Services’ systems have the ability to transmit fingerprints electronically for expedited processing of your background check. If that is not enough, we take it one step further! Many countries will request FBI Background Checks to be Apostilled which is now one of Holliday Investigative’s services!

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