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Holiday Investigative Services, Inc. provides thorough and reliable background checks and investigations in New York, Georgia and Florida.

The domain of background checks is important to almost every industry, institution, organization and company. With rising cases of terrorism, drug offences, sexual harassment, online fraud, information leaks and more, it has become imperative to constantly monitor potential employees. As the environment becomes increasingly diverse, background checks have become a necessity. Using third party investigation services has now become a norm considering the complexities.

At Holliday Investigative Services, Inc. our team of experts conducts thorough background checks to match provided and actual information. Our background investigation proceedings are designed in a way to incorporate and serve all major industry sectors that include, and are not limited to, banks, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, transportation, NGO’s, retail, transportation, government agencies, insurance, staffing, and more. Our investigation expertise and state of the art technology allows us to conduct thorough backgrounds checks and produce reliable results. Our tailor made background solutions cover: verifications of addresses, personal information, employment references, work permits, data bases checks, media checks credit checks, criminal offence records, litigation checks, violation records, financial checks, academic and other qualifications, watch lists and more.

Our team is composed of well-rounded individuals who have years of unique experience in their respective fields. Throughout their careers, these individuals have worked and solved numerous complex cases related to legal, financial, criminal and other domains. They fully understand the dynamics of the field, with insight into covering even the minute of details to ensure that customers are completely satisfied. Our investigators work around the clock, providing expert advice to make sure that we attain the most concrete and well-documented evidence and information, so that you can make informed decisions.

Holliday Investigative Services, Inc. has a reputation of providing excellent background investigation services at affordable prices. We present some of the most affordable packages for businesses, never compromising on the quality of services that we offer. We aim to foster lasting relationships and for that, we need your complete satisfaction.

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