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Image of young businessman showing superhero suit underneath hisDomestic Investigation and Surveillance
Holliday Investigative Services, Inc. specializes in investigations such as marital infidelity, divorce investigations and domestic private investigations. If you have an uncomfortable feeling that your spouse or significant other is being unfaithful to you, we can help end those suspicions. We use covert surveillance in the most effective way during our infidelity investigations. If you are certain that your significant other is cheating, Holliday Investigative Services can identify the person they’re cheating with.

Insurance Fraud Investigations
Insurance fraud is rarely reported. Insurance fraud is more costly than people think. This costed the insurance industry around $96 billion in 1999 and hasn’t decreased over the past years, but has actually been on the rise.

Law Firm Investigations
Holliday Investigative Service, Inc. works with attorneys on both criminal and civil investigation cases thoroughly gathering the admissible facts you need to prove your cases. We do thorough background investigations revealing pertinent information on a subject’s personal, professional, financial and criminal history, past and present. We identify, locate and interview most witnesses quickly. We also conduct interviews of witnesses and record statements completely; whether written, audio or audio-visual.

Locate / Missing Persons
Holliday Investigative Services realizes how important it is for you to find people. We will help you locate just about anyone – from long-lost friends, relatives or lovers, to subjects who have disappeared recently who may or may not wish to be found. We do this in a very professional and secure manner and our results stay with us. We use skip tracers to aid in the discovery of missing people. We do not provide a third party with what we have uncovered unless specifically authorized by the client, a court order or law enforcement.

Pre-Nuptial Private Investigation
Pre-marital private investigations are very common in today’s time. You have a lot at stake. While some people believe it is easy to just Google a person’s name to find out about them, sometimes that just is not enough. If you are having doubts, suspicions or just want to make sure you are making the right decision with your significant other, let Holliday Investigative Services, Inc.  help. Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry. Call us locally at 770-428-5700 or toll free at 866-499-3463.

One-stop for professional investigation services

Holliday Investigative Services provides a full array of investigation services in Florida, Georgia, NY and California. Our range of investigative solutions include, but is not limited to, insurance fraud, background investigations and check, pre-nuptial investigation, and more.

We offer private investigation services at the most economical rates. In addition, our qualified private investigators work around the clock to deliver immediate and accurate results. After all, we care about your piece of mind.

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