How to Locate Someone Online

You’d think that with the vast world of internet, it can be pretty easy to find whoever you want online. With one click of a button, you can pretty much pinpoint the location of the person you seek without even breaking a sweat. However, the truth of the matter could not be more contrary.

The internet has provided us with countless ways to locate someone around the world but with the popularity of social media, the person you’re looking for can get lost in the mix. And whether it’s an old school friend or a distant relative, it can seem impossible to find them in the jumble. Not to worry though; because Holliday Investigations is here to help!

How to Find Someone on the Internet

Use a Search Engine

The simplest way to start is by going online to a search engine and typing in the name. Now, although you may find thousands of people with the same name, the best way you can narrow down the search is by entering any other information you know about them. For example, if simply typing in their name isn’t working, try to add the person’s location as in, where they live. Add the city or state information and try to see if that can help you get better results.

Social Media Search

Almost every person in the world has a Twitter or Google account. So if a search engine wasn’t helpful, try searching through social media platforms. This can be really helpful in many ways since not only will the person show up but you will also get their picture and public information for view. This is more useful on Facebook rather than on any other social media platform since Twitter will only show the person by their real name if they have included it in their profile.

Look in the White Pages

White Pages is a great source if you’re looking for someone who isn’t present on any social media platform. White Pages is a virtual phone book, so you will get as much information as you can by simply looking through it, including their phone number and home address. However, this might not be so useful if the person you’re looking for has an unlisted number.

 Search for Old Roommates

The classic way of looking for someone is by asking old friends. We all have someone from our past that we’re connected with. So if the person you’re looking for ‘used to be friends’ with someone else, try asking them if they have any contact information about the person. If not, search for them on your own school’s website or alumni website or use the search engine to find these old friends by entering the basic information, such as the year you graduated in, etc.

Hire an Investigative Agency

Investigative agencies aren’t just for searching cheating spouses and keeping the law intact. If you’re in search of someone you need to get in contact with, hire a private investigative service to find the person for you. These services have a long list of resources they can use to find the target online, so all you’ll have to do is simply contact a PI and let them do the job for you.

Holliday Investigations is one such investigative agency that can be trusted with your problems. So go ahead and contact us, and find out more about our services.

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