How the Private Investigation Industry Has Evolved

What’s the first thing you see in your mind’s eye when you think of a private investigator? You picture a weathered face, smoking a pipe and looking out the window while being surrounded by noir music. Or you think about the popular Sherlock Holmes, with his snap thoughts and ever-present friend, John Watson.

Now, although we do thank both of these instances for fueling our intrigue when it comes to private investigators, the truth is that the world of a PI is a lot more than that. Gone are the days when people would imitate PIs by wearing deerstalkers and holding on to a magnifying glass. Now, when you think of a private investigator, you get the image of a more street-smart individual who has a no-nonsense attitude and a will to serve. The life of a private investigator has evolved over the years, and through that, so has the industry. But how can we understand the complexity of this career?

The History of a Private Investigator

Private investigative agencies weren’t always as versatile as they are now. Historically, private investigators existed to do the work that law enforcement were unable to do. In fact, during the 19th century, the PIs used their ingenuity to develop different techniques for bookkeeping, taking plaster casts of footprints, and using indelible ink to solve crimes.

As time went on, private investigators started getting more attention from their peers. So much that during the old days, PIs would be hired as bodyguards or even private militiamen for some very important names in history.

 What Helped Evolve Them?

It was mainly the dedication and intelligence of these individuals that the private investigative industry evolved into what it is today. Private investigators were usually the ones who worked in the trenches. They were the ones who were called when the police would come across a problem that they couldn’t solve.

Now, while many out there might take this to mean that the PIs would do the dirty work, it is far from the truth. In reality, PIs would mainly do their jobs in an ethical way in a society where people wouldn’t normally trust the police or would feel uncomfortable around them. From settling labor disputes to finding missing people and tracking down criminals, private investigative agencies would use all their resources to complete their task. And it is because of their accessibility to the public that the contemporary society started looking to them for their problems.

Basic Function

A private investigator finds ways to obtain information. They use their broad assortment of resources to find and research any information deemed necessary. As such, they are seen as invaluable allies who are willing to go to great lengths to get the job done. And while it is better to simply contact the police with any problems, private investigative services can put the necessary legwork in a case without the added pressure of the other cases policemen already have.

 Hiring an Expert

The private investigative industry has evolved for the better. And the individuals who have worked hard to gain their reputation have done so by providing their clients with answers and by using their trained eye to pick the details a normal person might miss. And whether it is to find evidence of a cheating partner, company embezzlement or locating a missing person, contacting a private investigator is the best bet at finding the answers you’re looking for.

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