Do you know what makes any individual or business a success? It’s the passion to do something. Combine this ”˜passion’ with effort, hard work and dedication, and what you end up with is a perfect recipe for unparalleled success and an urge to deliver the best.

With a similar passion and an ultimate desire to being and delivering the best, John L. Holliday laid the foundation of what is today known as Holliday Investigative Services, Inc.

Let’s give you a few reasons as to why you need Holliday Investigative Services.

Why choose Holliday Investigative Services, Inc.

Our experience in unique

With time our team grew, services expanded and the quality of work only got better. We have something that few other private investigation companies out there possess. It is unique experience and industry knowledge in the form of valuable human resource that takes the shape of our private investigation team.

Each individual in our team brings years of unique experience in their respected fields that include, but are not limited to, law enforcement, criminal investigations, security and investigation agencies, narcotics and drug investigations; healthcare fraud and pharmaceutical industry related investigation, insurance fraud investigations, consultation and more.

Our practices are fair

We are a licensed private investigation company and are members in good standing with a number of accredited councils and associations. All our investigations are conducted in conformance with federal and state laws. We use legal and fair practices and maintain complete client confidentiality in solving every case. With our state of the art technology, and access to worldwide public and private databases, we can uncover any truth and back it up with well documented and concrete evidence.

Our services are for everyone

We offer a number of private investigation services that expand across various domains, for a client base that is very diverse. Whether it’s the workplace or home, our services cater to the needs of private citizens, professionals, businesses, attorneys and more.

Our clients trust us

Our investigators understand the risks involved in a job like this, both for themselves as well as the clients. We know how complex and time sensitive certain cases can get. Therefore, we make everything transparent to our clients along the entire investigation.

We constantly inform our clients about developments and progress so they can have complete piece of mind. At the end of any investigation, depending on the nature of the case, we provide extensive reports, video and audio proof, photographs, records and more, so you can use them in relevant proceedings.

Now that you know why you need us, contact us now so we can start working on your case.