Have you ever wondered what actually happens during a surveillance stakeout? Oftentimes on cop shows, it seems detectives sit there with donuts and hot coffee, waiting for someone to move. The truth of the matter is, surveillance can be a tedious and boring task, but it also requires skill and expertise. Here are some things professional investigation services have found to be helpful during stakeouts.

Discretion is key

From the location in which a private eye investigator parks his car to the distance at which he tails a subject, everything in surveillance boils down to discretion. The success of the operation depends on his ability to remain unnoticed while inching close enough to obtain the footage he needs. One tiny slip could jeopardize the whole investigation because once the element of surprise vanishes, surveillance gets a lot harder.

Stay calm under pressure

In the rare event of being discovered, whether by law enforcement or a subject, private eyes must learn to maintain composure. Required by law only to identify themselves to law enforcement but not to civilians, private investigators often devise cover stories to explain their reasons for being in a certain area at a certain time. If pressured by individuals without a police badge, P.I.’s can deny all accusations of who hired them or what they’re doing.

Partners may be necessary

Sometimes two is better than one, even in a top-secret stakeout. In instances when locations have multiple routes of departure or areas with public transportation, two investigators have a better chance of making sure the person doesn’t escape undetected, which could waste valuable time.

Leave surveillance to the professionals

Though curiosity is understandable, it’s best to leave all surveillance work to the private investigation firm you chose to hire. If you drive by the area under investigation, you could tip off the person of interest to your presence, as well as that of the civil investigators, which would unmask your objective.

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