Live Scan Fingerprint technology is easy, fast, and accurate

In 1892, fingerprints were used for the first time to help solve a murder in Argentina. But it wasn’t until 1903 that fingerprint technology was officially adopted in the US. And it took another 50 years before the Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) made it possible to generate the quick and accurate fingerprint identifications now available worldwide.

By contrast, Live Scan Fingerprint technology was developed in 1989. In a little under 30 years, this technology has evolved to become the preferred method for capturing fingerprints.

In the early days of Live scan tech in the United States, only a handful of manufacturers and large systems integrators offered Live scan technology. This exclusive advantage allowed them to charge relatively high prices for their services.

Technological advances and the power of the free market have now made it possible for more skilled technicians to offer Live Scan Fingerprinting services. Making it more affordable for a larger audience to experience fingerprinting that is:

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