Human resource is perhaps the most important intangible asset for any company. Every company wants to hire the best. Therefore, after a rigorous recruitment cycle, companies choose only a few individuals who they think possess the required skill set to take the company forward.

However, one can never be sure whether these prospective candidates have provided complete and accurate information about their history.

Your employees are a representation of your business. You want to make sure you’re making the right choice. Conducting background checks can help tackle this issue.

Qualifications and Credentials

With immigration and international recruitment on the rise, the workforce is becoming fairly diverse. Background checks can help companies verify credentials of potential candidates, no matter where they reside. It also helps in verification of reference letters, referees that are almost a part of every recruitment process.

Moreover, background checks that focus on past employment and academic history reveal whether the person truly possesses the required skill set. Again, in the case of nationwide or global recruitment, this can prove to be extremely beneficial, since no company has the time or resources for cross border verification.

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Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why backgrounds are important:

Incorrect and False Information

According to a research, 50% of all resumes and applications contain false information. How can companies go about verifying hundreds of information variables for thousands of applicants? Thriving businesses are always short on time. Rushing leads to negligent hiring which brings with it a set of serious dangers.

While those recruit are well equipped to identify certain actions, a 15-30 minute interview hardly goes beyond the personal traits of the potential candidate. Unless a background check is conducted, the recruiters might never be able to attain complete and accurate information.

Criminal and Medical records

Backgrounds checks can reveal complete information about a person’s criminal history. Hiring an individual who has been involved in the past for – let’s say – harassment, terrorism, information theft, poses not only a threat to the existence of the company, but to other employees as well.

Same is the case with medical records. Since companies often provide employees with medical benefits, an individual with serious ailment can hold the company liable for covering extensive medical costs. Some candidates might even have past or current addiction to drugs or alcohol. It’s important to know these aspects, so that essential tests are carried out to ensure the potential candidate is now free of these compulsions.