Popularized by the media, private surveillance investigation is one of the most common forms of investigation that revolves around monitoring the behavior of suspected individuals.

While surveillance services are utilized for a variety of reasons that are even global in nature, domestic investigations and surveillance usually include monitoring business partners, suspicious individuals, finding lost ones, investigating potential illicit activities, and more.

Let’s give you a brief walk-through as to how it works.

Finding a reputable private investigator

Given the delicate and serious nature of this task, it is recommended that you take extra caution when choosing PI’s. It is better to get referrals from known sources. Exploring options and narrowing them down on the basis of experience, credentials, reputations, credibility and past records is the best way of going about this.

Just make sure the hired body is licensed and not utilizing practices that may be illegal. State laws usually vary, so it important to familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements of the state where the surveillance investigation is going to take place in. For instance, we hold licenses in Florida, New York, and Georgia; and therefore we offer domestic investigation and surveillance services in these states.

Private Investigator skill set

The quality of the surveillance and in turn the evidence significantly depends on the skills and expertise of the private investigator, the tools they utilize, and more. Individuals with a background in law enforcement agencies and investigation departments are usually aware of the dynamics of surveillance investigation and therefore best suited for the job.

For instance, our team consists of experts who have worked for years with the aforementioned agencies and departments. They have analytical minds and bring with them a host of other special skills, making them ideal candidates.

You can read more about the credentials of our team here.

How does surveillance take place?

Surveillance is mainly about collecting concrete evidence; and therefore, around the clock monitoring of individuals is a must. Our private investigators utilize state of the art vehicle tracking systems and covert cameras to record in-door and out-door activities while concealing their identity at all times.

We are well aware that attentive targets can identify they are being tailed since they tend to be more cautious. Therefore, often times, our tasks are assigned to a mix of agents of who resort to safer options like GPS tracking or video without compromising on the quality of work. The collection of evidence with Holliday Investigative Services however is never limited to videos.

All our investigators take concise notes along the course of the investigations. This is then used to compile an extensive report in the end, so you can use it for the intended purpose.

Private investigators, especially our agents, are well-equipped of legal and social implications of surveillance. They have access to public and private databases, and know how to dig deep to uncover the most concrete evidence. Any testimony we provide carries weight because it’s credible and accurate – backed by relevant evidence.

All our surveillance services are legal and are conducted keeping in mind federal and state laws. We promise complete client confidentially, professionalism and fast results. If you want real professionals to handle your case, contact us now.