Have you ever wondered if the person you are about to hire is lying about their past and potentially could put your business in jeopardy? There’s a simple solution to your problem: fingerprinting. Fingerprinting your employees before they start working can benefit your company. For those of you hiring in Georgia, ink fingerprinting is the solution to your hiring woes.

Fingerprinting ensures that who you are hiring is who they say they are. What a person claims to be and who they actually are can be quite different. Having that uncertainty can cause distrust amidst your employees.

Wanting to know everything about a person before you hire them is important and no shortcuts should be taken! Along with conducting an interview and testing their skills, let us test their background information with our simple ink fingerprinting solution. Knowing your employees inside and out can make all the difference of hiring them or not. If an employee has any records of stealing or jumping from job to job, then you deserve to know. Having those answers can help you and your company move forward knowing that you are entrusting your company into hands that care.

With Holliday Investigative Services, fingerprinting can be made easy with mobile fingerprinting. With mobile fingerprinting, there is no need to fuss about getting employees to the right place, on the right dates, and within the right times. This easy process can be brought to you and your employees. Simply make an appointment with us and have the employees provide the proper photo I.D. to get fingerprinted.