With the all want to spend the Holidays with our loved ones. But there are things that are out of our control and needed special attention. The least that you want to happen is to have an argument over the custody of your child during the holidays. No one wants to have stressful Holidays, don’t we?

Talk to the other parent

Nothing is a better solution than discussing the child custody with the other parent. You can do this either by yourselves or with an attorney as a witness. Create a normal and special holiday schedule that would work for everyone, not just in your favor. Never involve your child when discussing his/her custody with the other parent.

Talk to your kids

Discuss with your kids their plans for the Holidays. With this, you can plan in advance and block your schedule for them. Let your kids know what were the dates that would and not work for you. The least that you what to happen is to cancel your planned activities with your kids because of other commitments.

Know your rights to your child

You should be aware of your legal rights to your child. Discuss this with an attorney and have the other parent be aware as well. All agreed child custody condition should be approved by both parties, and this includes schedule for the Holidays.

Child custody is a very sensitive issue and now that the holidays are fast approaching, you want to avoid any conflict. Holliday Investigations is ready to help with your child custody case. Call us now!