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Flawed Employment Background Checks: The Hidden Pitfalls of Databases

Inaccurate and incomplete information can create more problems than solutions To paraphrase Alexander Pope, from four centuries ago, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” In no application is that so true as in modern business. Over the past two decades, ironically, the Internet has morphed from instant information into way-too-much misinformation. According to [...]

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Hiring during and after Holidays

Are you hiring extra help this holiday season? Whether you're the owner of a small business or just a busy professional looking for some extra help with the housework or the kids, we know you want people you can trust. A criminal background check will rule out any past history of illegal activity, but [...]

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Have You Hired the Right Person?

Have you ever wondered if the person you are about to hire is lying about their past and potentially could put your business in jeopardy? There's a simple solution to your problem: fingerprinting. Fingerprinting your employees before they start working can benefit your company. For those of you hiring in Georgia, ink fingerprinting is [...]

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Importance of Conducting Background Checks

Human resource is perhaps the most important intangible asset for any company. Every company wants to hire the best. Therefore, after a rigorous recruitment cycle, companies choose only a few individuals who they think possess the required skill set to take the company forward. However, one can never be sure whether these prospective candidates [...]

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Why you need Holliday Investigative Services

Do you know what makes any individual or business a success? It's the passion to do something. Combine this ”˜passion' with effort, hard work and dedication, and what you end up with is a perfect recipe for unparalleled success and an urge to deliver the best. With a similar passion and an ultimate desire [...]

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