All You Need To Know About Pre-Nuptial Private Investigation

In the world of online cheating platforms, social blackmail and good ol’ fashioned revenge, it is important to know that the biggest decision in your life wouldn’t come back to haunt you. As a very sensitive subject for both private investigators and clients, pre-nuptial investigation is something that can never steer you wrong.

Due to the many problems marriages are facing, it is important to know all you can about your soon-to-be spouse before you tie the knot. And for almost any couple, it is better that all due diligence facts are revealed before a pre-nuptial is deemed necessary. So to help you understand how this service can most benefit you, we at Holliday Investigations are going to give you a little inside information about what you can expect from a private investigator in a pre-nuptial investigation.

How is a Pre-Nuptial Investigation Conducted?

Identity Verification

The process of a pre-nuptial investigation starts with a basic social security screening process. However, this doesn’t include your usual driver’s license and social security number. This search can unearth secret paths, military records and even name changes. As such, it is most important to know the basic identity of your would-be spouse so that their name is validated.

Family History

Even if they’ve told you about their horrid ex, you should know all sides of the past story. The next step includes marriage, divorce, child support and alimony. Remember that bigamy is not so uncommon, and since bigamists train themselves to be liars, it is crucial that you know all about your potential spouse’s legal or common-law relationships.

Intensive Search

In this step, the search will dive into any criminal background your spouse may have. The investigative agency will use all their local, state and federal resources to find any information they can about your potential spouse. This will include any arrest warrants, felony convictions, DUI arrests or even any mention of their name in a fugitive wanted list. As extra precaution, the target’s name is also checked in the list of registered sex offenders, tax evasion and other financial activities.

Although the investigation might come clean in your spouse’s case, it is still important that you are better safe than sorry. Remember that private investigators are experienced in the field, so they can spot any indicators or red flags from a mile away. So while you may be wallowing in the love you have for your soon-to-be spouse, it does not hurt to be extra sure before you say, “I do”.

So now that you know what a pre-nuptial investigation entails, contact Holliday Investigations for services in background checks in California or Florida, and enter your marriage with the certainty that you’re marrying the best person you could have.

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