Why Should I Fingerprint Potential (and Current) Employees?

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Some businesses are required by state or federal law to have employees’ and applicants’ fingerprints checked against FBI and/or law enforcement databases.  If your business isn’t one of these, you may wonder what the advantages of fingerprinting are.  Or maybe you find yourself asking, “Isn’t a background check sufficient?”  Here are some reasons adding fingerprinting is a better choice.  Remember, fingerprinting is not a viable substitute for a credit check, or for verification of legal working status.

  1. Names Change, but Fingerprints Are Forever.

Your applicants or employees may have changed their names at some point during their lives; for many women, the reason is as simple as getting married.  A standard background check will only return records from under their current name.  Running their fingerprints through a database, however, will produce a match regardless of the name attached to the case.

  1. See the Whole Picture.

Along with pulling up records under any alias a person might have used, relying on a fingerprint database generally has a longer reach, showing you a longer history.  Convictions will always show up, but fingerprinting may give you a more complete picture of arrests than a simple background check.

  1. It’s Fast and Secure.

Fingerprinting generally gives you faster results than traditional identity verification methods, often in 48 hours or less.  That way you can get the information your business needs as quickly as possible, so you can proceed accordingly.  There’s a reason fingerprinting has been the trusted identification method of law enforcement agencies for decades.

Holliday Investigative Services makes fingerprinting even easier with our mobile, on-site fingerprinting service.  Our technicians can come to you, and we supply all of the necessary materials.  Call us for a consultation or to set up an appointment.



What’s Your History? A Guide to Hiring during and after the Holidays

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Are you hiring extra help this holiday season?  Whether you’re the owner of a small business or just a busy professional looking for some extra help with the housework or the kids, we know you want people you can trust.  A criminal background check will rule out any past history of illegal activity, but how can you really be sure?  Here are a few signs to watch out for.

  1. Check Their References

Even though you’re pressed for time, it’s important to take a few minutes to contact the people your potential employee has listed as references.  These should be professional references, so if the first person on the list turns out to be the candidate’s mother, that should send up a red flag.  These should also be recent – it doesn’t help you to speak to someone your applicant worked for ten years ago.

  1. Look Out for Inconsistencies

The job market is competitive right now; many people “talk up” their past experience and qualifications in the hope that it will make them seem more desirable.  While a little exaggeration is to be expected, be wary of hiring someone whose resume does not line up with their answers to interview questions or is at odds with the information provided by their references. If he or she gives evasive answers, or changes his or her story, that’s a valid reason for concern.  Honesty is an important quality in an employee, especially if they will be handling money or given access to sensitive information.

  1. Go with Your Gut

Your own instincts are usually a good guide to character.  If a potential employee seems especially anxious during the interview, ask them directly why they are uncomfortable.  Give them the chance to assuage your concerns, and keep in mind that the interview process can be nerve wracking. Pay attention to body language, particularly any changes that accompany their answers to specific questions.  Most people give off unconscious signs when they are lying or trying to hide something.  Continue to ask direct questions in a non-accusatory manner; if something still seems off, it’s probably best not to hire them.

If you need more help screening potential employees, feel free to contact Holliday Investigative Services.  We can provide discreet evaluations of your applicants’ backgrounds, so you can rest assured that you’re hiring the right person.

Child Custody and the Holidays

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With the all want to spend the Holidays with our loved ones. But there are things that are out of our control and needed special attention. The least that you want to happen is to have an argument over the custody of your child during the holidays. No one wants to have stressful Holidays, don’t we?

1. Talk to the other parent.

Nothing is a better solution than discussing the child custody with the other parent. You can do this either by yourselves or with an attorney as a witness. Create a normal and special holiday schedule that would work for everyone, not just in your favor. Never involve your child when discussing his/her custody with the other parent.

2. Talk to your kids.

Discuss with your kids their plans for the Holidays. With this, you can plan in advance and block your schedule for them. Let your kids know what were the dates that would and not work for you. The least that you what to happen is to cancel your planned activities with your kids because of other commitments.

3. Know your rights to your child.

You should be aware of your legal rights to your child. Discuss this with an attorney and have the other parent be aware as well. All agreed child custody condition should be approved by both parties, and this includes schedule for the Holidays.

Child custody is a very sensitive issue and now that the holidays are fast approaching, you want to avoid any conflict. Holliday Investigations is ready to help with your child custody case. Call us now!

Tips for Tracking Down a Lost Friend or Relative

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Around the holidays our thoughts often turn to friends and family, especially those we aren’t as close to as we would like to be.  Do you have long-lost friends or relatives who you wonder about?  It’s not uncommon to lose touch with someone as the years go by and life takes you in different directions.  Perhaps you had a falling out and now want to reconsider.  If you are trying to locate someone you want to reconnect with, here are a few tips to start your search.

  1. Start with What You Know

The best place to start looking for someone is his or her last known place of residence.  So dig out that old address book before you sit down at your computer.  Checking the current telephone directory for the town they used to live in will show you if they simply changed to a new address.  You can also search public records to locate someone if you know a few basic facts, like their age and full name.

  1. Join the F.A.N. Club

This handy acronym stands for friends, associates, and neighbors.  If you know other people who might still be in touch with the person you’re looking for, you should try contacting them.  This includes family members as well as alumni associations, professional organizations, and even former roommates.  Few people move away and sever all ties with their past – the trick is in finding who they are still in contact with.  Be prepared to get a lot of “no” answers before you get a “yes.”

  1. Call in a Professional

If you still can’t find your person of interest, you may need to hire a private investigator.  They have access to information not readily available to the general public.  They also have years of experience, so they know how to identify patterns of behavior and where to look to find the answers you need.  If you have run out of leads, or if you just don’t have the time to track down that elusive friend or relative, contact Holliday Investigation Services and let us locate him or her for you.